Erster Kanzbi Weihnachtsmarkt

In Zusammenarbeit mit diversen Kleinproduzenten und Kreativschaffenden präsentieren wir euch den ersten Kanzbi Weihnachtsmarkt. Von Schmuck über Selbstgenähtem bis hin zu leckeren Antipasti aus Süditalien erwarten euch die Räumlichkeiten der Kanzbi ausnahmsweise mit mehr, als nur Büchern und Spielen.

Zudem verwöhnen uns die Frauen des Kanzbi-Computerkurses am weihnachtlichen Buffet mit interkultureller Leckereien. Der Erlös des Buffets geht zugunsten des Vereins Kanzbi und des Computerkurses.

Do 16.12.21
Kanzleistrasse 56
8004 Zürich

Zutritt nur mit Covid-Zertifikat möglich. Maskenpflicht in allen Innenräumen.


Sonntag 28.11.21 Leseanimation auf russisch

We will read a few books about Tosja Bosja in Russian.

Tosja Bosja books written by Lithuanian kid’s writer and illustrator Lina Žutautė.
Tosja Bosja is the main character.  She lives with her parents, her grandmother and her dog. This creative, inventive, joyful, curious and naughty character is beloved by a lot of kids.

Age of the kids: 4-7
Parents: valid COVID certificate
For the subscription holders/members of Kawardak library: for free.
For non members: 30CHF.

Mehr Infos und Anmeldung unter:


中秋节 Mid-Autumn Festival

Date: 19 September 2021 (register until 11 September 2021 with the registration form)

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Location: Kanzleistrasse 56, 8004 Zürich – Kanzbi, the only international library in Zurich for children’s books.

The full moon is revered in the Chinese culture as a symbol for peace and wealt
h as well as togetherness of the family. Finally, two years after our last Mid Autumn Festival, we are looking forward to celebrating this popular holiday again with all interested families in the center of Zurich. The following activities are going to take place:

  • Storytelling of the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival (Chinese, German, English)
  • Crafting of colorful and creative moon laterns
  • Decorating paper dragons
  • “Making” moon cakes with clay and tasting of Moon Cake (a traditional pastry for moon festival)
  • Parent-Child obstacle-run/walk with laterns

Costs: Free for students of our school and their family members. Other families: CHF 30 per Familie (inkl. some soft drinks, snacks und crafting material and moon cakes). Each qualified donation of children’s books per family to the Kanzbi library will get a discount of CHF 10.

Covid prevention measures: Masks are obligatory for participants inside of the building who are 12 years or older. Further restrictions may apply (will be communicated before the event).